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Duran Duran Reviews

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Average customer review: 3.0 star rating (3.1 Stars)

Number of reviews: 28



5.0 star rating B. Neumann from Toronto, Ontario


What an amazing show!!! Even with crazy rain storms, the Toronto event was awesome!! The opening act - Nile Rodgers & CHIC - was super fun - didn't expect to be dancing right off the bat. And then Duran Duran came out of the gates with Wild Boys. One of the best shows I've seen ever!!

5.0 star rating Pinky from Baltimore, Maryland


I am giving this 5 Stars … 4 stars go to Chic and Nile Rogers - they were excellent. I wasn’t expecting them to be so good. I had no idea Nile wrote for so many other artists - happy he played 2 Bowie songs. 1 Star to Duran Duran - the sound was overwhelmingly LOUD - Simon LeBon’s microphone was so loud it wasn’t enjoyable and my opinion is they weren’t exactly enjoying themselves either. We ended up leaving early.

5.0 star rating Eric from New York, New York


Duran Duran had a great set list with awesome new songs and some older deep cuts - never heard the band sound this good , they were perfect. Nile Rodgers and chic killed it as well.

5.0 star rating LAM from Fort Worth, Texas


I saw Duran Duran for the first time 40 years ago and every time they tour since. The show gets better every time. I think people forget the members are not in their early 20s, and yes Simon cannot reach his notes like he used to but the show was great as was the song selection. Chic was outstanding. I hope they tour again.

5.0 star rating Evelyn Witherby from San Francisco, California


Wow, just wow. What an absolute rockfest. This is the 9th time I've seen Duran Duran, and except for 1984 - this was my favorite show. The vibe at Chase Center was electric. Everyone in the venue was having the time of their lives - including the band. I can't wait to see them again. They are complete legends!

5.0 star rating Cheryl Robert from Boston, Massachusetts


We had front row seats, and the entire show was absolutely amazing. Simon was a riot!!

5.0 star rating Allison from Boston, Massachusetts


Duran Duran pulled out all the stops they didn’t disappoint- they did all the hits and some new stuff as well that was excellent. Walked away wanting more - missed Chic but Bastille was great. So glad I finally got to see them.

5.0 star rating Robert S. from Apple Valley Lake, Ohio


We celebrated our 38th anniversary by seeing my wife's favorite band, Duran Duran. She last saw them live in the early 80's in Cleveland and said they sound even better today. Great show guys!

5.0 star rating Lori T from Atlantic City, New Jersey


They totally rocked, my most favorite band, this was the second time I saw them, 30 years apart, the best ever

4.0 star rating Grant from New York, New York


Chic at Madison Square Garden were surprisingly good. Kimberly’s voice was extraordinary. Duran Duran were excellent, though as mentioned, it was overly bombastic, taking you on an ‘interesting’ musical journey, Jarring at times, moving from one extreme to the other. Throwing in ‘white lines’ was unusual. Simon Le Bon carries the band extremely well and still has a great vocal range.

4.0 star rating I. Martin from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Bastille and Nile Rodgers w/Chic were fantastic. Duran Duran was sub par. We were disappointed. But the first two bands were so good that we left (early) happy. 4⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ all for the openers.

3.0 star rating from Fort Worth, Texas


Niles was amazing. But Duran Duran was very disappointing due to extremely loud and distorted sound. I've been to many DD concerts and always came back thinking the sound was great. Not in Ft Worth. We had to leave. Ear damage level.

3.0 star rating Jenn Brooks from Las Vegas, Nevada


I had six row center seats in front of Simon. The first thing that Simon said about the theater was that it was like playing in his bathroom. Because it was so small. I really wanted to like this concert. Just felt like the sound was off. Just very disappointed in the sound quality. Felt like the showmanship was kind of half there with Simon. Expected more from Simon. Felt like he half delivered on the performance. The rest of the band seemed to want to be there. Afterwards my ears were ringing and made mention to it to Dom very briefly. I have been to DD shows over the years, just disappointed that the sound was off. I hope they fix it before the show tonight.

3.0 star rating Paul Maguire from Las Vegas, Nevada


10.31.22 show at Wynn 1700 a seat tickets, Band failed to play ordinary world, probably their biggest hit, and several other hits. I left disappointed. Sound was too loud and back up singers where hidden by two thirds of the audience way in the back right corner. On a few songs they came out center in the back and had great energy. They need a sound engineer for sure. Band energy was pretty good, vibe was good, but they started 30 minute late at 830 vs 8 and finished right before 10. I think they ran out of time . How they failed to play Ordinary World is beyond comprehension. Its their greatest song. Also no encore at all. My overall impression was they still got it but didn't deliver the hits, the sound needs improvement and the stage set up should be changed to move the back up singers so they are visible to everyone in the event. Ticket prices didn't justify deliver of the performance in my view. Bass player drove the night.

3.0 star rating Jason from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Duran Duran still have it after more than 40 years on. Simon still sounds great. However I really have a problem with the sound mixing and the PPG Paints Arena sound system/acoustics. They are downright horrible even though the system was upgraded a year or 2 ago. They should have turned it down a notch or 2 It was too loud and became distorted with being too loud and too much reverb. Bastille were OK but not sure why Nile Rogers wasn't performing too.

3.0 star rating Sue Press from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Growing up in the Uk I was a huge fan of DD in the 80s and they didn’t disappoint. Simon’s voice was still clear as a bell, the other band members showing boy bands of the modern era how it’s done, and all my old faves were played. Loved it! What was disappointing was the ‘potty mouthed’ support act, Bastille. There was no need to ‘eff and Jeff’ so much, even if it was in support of main act. Also lighting was appalling for this part of show. We could hardly see them and their lead on stage. Most of lights appeared to be shining in eyes of audience blinding us. And where was Nile Rodger’s/chic? Gutted not to see them. That was the only reason my husband had come with me! Felt a bit ripped off not to get all of what had been advertised even though i did really enjoy DD. Clearer communication of chic’s non attendance in advance should have been provided by the PPG or ticketmaster. We could have switched to a different venue. Loved Pittsburgh though. Fab city . Worth the 4 hour drive to see this.

2.0 star rating Mike Downey from Chicago, Illinois


The volume was so loud and over dubbed. I wonder if the sound man had hearing aids. I've been to concerts sence the 70's. The music wasn't crisp or clean. The stage performance was pretty good. Over all was the most over rated concerts I've been to. They should have tec. sit in different seats around the United Center . We were in section 210. Just because it's loud doesn't make it cool.

2.0 star rating Nichola from Baltimore, Maryland


All acts were so loud the three members of our party had difficulty deciphering which familiar song we were hearing. We sat in mid 200 section at Merriweather Nile Rogers and Chic fared better in the middle of their set and ended pretty well with a fun Freak Out. Unfortunately it seemed like Simon LeBon couldn't hear his music because he shouted mostly all of their songs. We couldn't hear the female singer well while they performed Come Undone. Band mostly sounded good especially Roger Taylor. Disappointed because we love Duran Duran's music. Hopefully they can get their sound worked out moving forward on their tour.

2.0 star rating Lee P from Baltimore, Maryland


Merriweather Pavilion 8/23/22. I couldn't agree more with Mike Downey and Erik M.'s Chicago review on Duran Duran. I will say Nile Rodgers and Chic were definitely the concert highlight. They had the sound figured out. Other than that, my wife and I were astonished a professional act would have such poor sound quality from its engineers. Simon was screaming over band's acoustical arrangements. The backup singers were muted - and the overall quality was......disappointing to say the least. Our drive to Merriweather ( a 1st for us) was 3 hours with traffic, and thank God only 2:10 on the way home. Like many others, we left at least 30-40 minutes before the concert's end. I prefer to remember Duran Duran's music from the tracks I played on the way home. While I don't believe many folks will see this review -- Duran Duran and the sound technicians better bump up their game by Thursday's MSG concert.

2.0 star rating Texduranie from Fort Worth, Texas


I hate to rate my fav band 2 stars but the 6th member failed them (sound person) loud for sake of being sound, not a sound supporting mix at all, go back to engineering school. overdrive muddy mess. I thought it was the venue but similar commentary from other shows in the USA so far. we like others left 3 or 4 songs early. you could hear Simon and mud for 50% of the set.

2.0 star rating Jennifer V from Phoenix, Arizona


I took a four hour flight to see this show with my sister and brother-in-law. Nile Rodgers/Chic were definitely a fun surprise. We enjoyed their set a lot. Duran Duran were such a disappointment. Of the three shows I’ve seen of theirs over the years…this one was by far the worst. The sound was so loud and so distorted…Simon sounded of key and was shouting through several songs. Because of the poor sound quality, most of the songs sounded the same…barely recognizable.

2.0 star rating Sandy gerding from Denver, Colorado


no Rio, no hungry like a wolf. boring. Nile Rodgers gets 5 stars. awesome!!

2.0 star rating Michelle from Montreal, Quebec


The opening act was better than Duran Duran. Niles Rodgers and Chic were amazing. I give them 5 stars. The main act Duran Duran was blah. I loved DD when I was a kid. Of course I loved their old songs. But their new songs, nope, not for me. Simon Lebon voice was amazing. The new tunes are not that catchy. Could not see the back up singers. The graphics during the show were good. The sound was loud and it seemed to intense. Unfortunately I went to hear the old songs. I waited so long to see them. It happened and I left early.

2.0 star rating Disappointed in Montreal from Montreal, Quebec


Poor sound engineering really derailed this performance. The bass was cranked up to 11, effectively obliterating everything in the middle range. It appeared that the band was playing well, Simon’s vocals were on point, and they were putting in a solid performance overall, but the mix just killed it. There was also a distracting and unnecessary effect added to the vocals. So frustrating. We left early. First time I’ve ever done that. I see a number of other reviews here saying the same thing, so one has to wonder why nothing has been done to improve the sound balance. Sound for the opening act was spot on, so it’s definitely a DD issue. What a shame.

1.0 star rating Erik M. from Chicago, Illinois


We had high expectation, but exited the arena three songs early, truly disappointed. It started with a DJ for around 45 minutes, who did not understanding that we all came for Duran Duran, British, New Wave, 80s. Felt like we were in the wrong movie. And no, we didn't want to see Nile Rogers & Chic and hear how great he is, beaten cancer and so on...not 80s, not new wave, not interested...sorry. The absolutely worst was the horrible acoustic in the Arena. Brutally loud (OSHA anyone?), we had to go the bathroom to put same paper napkins in our ears. It was all base, so loud, over the top, all vibrations, can't hear the singer. We moved to different seating areas, no change. We also believe that lead singer Le Bron had to fight with this acoustic and yelled every song instead of singing. When it then came to "Ordinary World", he had no voice left, just cracking. Any mediocre Karaoke singer would have done a better job. Duran Duran dans deserve better.....

1.0 star rating B from Fort Worth, Texas


I could hardly recognize any sound out of the ridiculous distortion. I have never heard a concert so bad in all my life. It was nothing but noise. Simon LeBon screamed his lyrics half the time like a person with little talent. It was sad and very disappointing. That's coming from a Duran Duran fan. The venue was not the problem because Chic warmed up, and their sound was awesome. Whoever made the final decisions on the sound should be fired.

1.0 star rating Duran Fan from Las Vegas, Nevada


Wow, the sound was a disaster, Simons voice sounded metallic, high pitched, ear splitting distorted levels. Taylor’s bass was at 10 to where it sounded like cones of woofer were pushed to max bottoming out, Other Taylor being drowned out sounded like he turned his keyboard up to get what he could to be heard which sounded separated from the rest. Louder doesn’t mean better and Simons metallic, pitched up voice needs a do over. Get better engineers, better sound system and if he can’t sound half way natural then it’s time to hand it up boys. I have seen them 8x and this was the show we walked out half way and thought never again. Oh and the 32 dollars a drink for two Malibu and rums makes me say we are done with this highway robbery, scam of a show. Good memories but those will have to be it

1.0 star rating from Denver, Colorado


Just saw them at Red Rocks with Niles and Bastille. The sound guys should be fired. You would think they would have picked up that they sounded terrible and made corrections.


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