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Jackson Browne Reviews

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Average customer review: 3.5 star rating (3.6 Stars)

Number of reviews: 39



5.0 star rating P. Gray from Nashville, Tennessee


I have to begin by saying the Ryman as a concert venue is the absolute best. Located in the heart of downtown Nashville you could not ask for a better place. This theater has an intimate feel and the most amazing acoustics. That being said, to put the mellow sound and amazing voice of Jackson Browne inside that venue made for an awesome experience. Even at 70 Jackson Browne was incredible. His passion for singing and entertaining still shines through. He is personable with light conversation between songs that made you feel as if he was talking directly to you. The backup singers added another dimension his songs that I enjoyed. A wonderful show. Sorry for you if you missed it.

5.0 star rating Joyce P. from Nashville, Tennessee


Yes, his voice is loud and strong. Interacted quite a bit with the crowd. He made the mistake of telling us we were pretty quiet, because it got rather rowdy after that. Lots of cat calls, "I love you Jackson!" and song requests shouted from all over. Someone pulled the fire alarm, but no one was going anywhere. The two gospel choir ladies sang like angels, and their voices compliment Jackson's perfectly. There were a few twangy guitar chords, but all in all, a fabulous show. I also recommend Jack's Bar-b-que in downtown Nashville. The line might be long, but it's well worth the wait. Do not miss this show!

5.0 star rating R. Azarian from Connecticut


This may be one of the best shows I've seen of Jackson Browne--and I've seen at least 25 shows over the years. It was as if he was in your living room, telling stores, sharing secrets, tirelessly moving through time while trading one guitar for another mixed with the piano. Revealing his truth in song, which for me is often my truth, referencing the past, but living in the moment. His voice was nearly impeccable, whether alone or in graceful harmony; and the band and the balladeer were one. True to form, when he had a miscue, he said so. He seemed moved by the crowd and appreciative of the intimate Wallingford, Connecticut venue. Yes, it was "good to see your smiling face tonight" as well.

5.0 star rating Rick from Cerritos Ca,


My wife and I caught the August 23rd evening show at the Venetion. The show was genuine, interactive and funny in moments. There were a couple of times at the beginning of a song they had to stop and reset because one of his bandmates weren't quite in step which led to some truely funny moments. Other funny moments occured when Jackson took time to talk to us Yahoos yelling from the seats. It's not too often that you attend a concert show that you feel the crowd was with the band and the band was with the crowd. This was that night for me which I will cherish for a lifetime. Jackon Browne's voice in my oppinion has not lost its timbre over the many years of his career. I would recommed to anybody that has appreciated his music over these past many years to make a serious effort to see him play.

5.0 star rating Rosemary from Tucson, Arizona


I was skeptical...heard he was only doing stuff off the new album but at this concert was not the case. Vocals are still great....musically the band was fabulous....2 curtain calls....Tucson was desperate for this!!! I absolutely loved it and urge all who are fans to catch him in their cities.

5.0 star rating Tim from Ottawa, IL


First time seeing Jackson Browne and first visit to Ravinia. Played nearly 3 hours and delivered the goods. Old songs mixed with newer ones. Some of these artists are shackled by the volume of their catalog? Backup ladies were amazing also. Ravinia didn’t disappoint great intimate setting.Jackson mixed banter throughout his set. Great artist who’s a must see, as I will again.

5.0 star rating Andrew from Boston, Massachusetts


7/14/2022 show iat the waterfront pavillion. Perfect summer evening. Jackson did NOT disappoint. His voice was strong and true , nicely backed by two gospel singers. The setlist was very well arranged, and had the audience fully into the show. Encores included Take it Easy, Load Out, and Stay. Jackson shared a few anecdotes, and was very appreciative of the audience. I feel lucky to have seen the show.

5.0 star rating L. Kramer from Richmond, Virginia


An amazing show - Jackson Browne sounds just like he did 50 yrs. ago (still so talented). Each and every one of his band along with the back up singers were phenomenal. Show started exactly on time, no pre-performance band, they played for 3 hours with a short intermission, perfect! and a surprise sit in by Bruce Hornsby. FANTASTIC SHOW!!! highly recommend!

5.0 star rating Thomas W Schaller from New York, New York


The show is billed as "An Evening with Jackson Browne" and that's just how it felt. Since I was a teenager, Jackson's music has been a part of the soundtrack of my life . And I know I'm not the only one. He and his incredible band played for nearly three hours - the songs spanning the decades. At every transition, Jackson would interact with us all - telling stories, jokes, anecdotes - making us feel like we were old friends. The Beacon is a perfect venue - large enough for the packed crowd - but somehow still intimate and with outstanding acoustics. At this point of his career, Jackson could just coast on his huge catalog of hits. But he showcased his new album and fresh arrangements of older songs. He has grown so much as a performer. He is so open, funny, generous on stage - grateful for the opportunity. And honestly - he sounds better than ever.

5.0 star rating David S from New York, New York


I’m a long time JB fan. His music has been a mainstay of my life’s soundtrack. This performance was pitch perfect. The set list, his voice and the remarkable band and backup vocalists delivered a “10”. Jackson Browne is a treasure and even his oldest songs hold up so well.

5.0 star rating Stephen from New York, New York


One of the best shows I’ve seen for years, Jackson Browne is at his best, voice, presence, musicality, everything, The band is absolutely outstanding too, if you want to see / hear some real magic, don’t miss him!

5.0 star rating Cindy from Denver, Colorado


How anyone could write a less than five-star rating for this concert is beyond me. Jackson Browne still has what it takes to wow an audience. His voice is still vibrant, and his band, including his two back-up singers, is incredible. I loved that he played songs from his new album as well as some standards. As a music fan, I can say that the solo instrumentals of every member of his band were beautiful. In all honesty, I was brought to tears by the musical talent and the reminder that we've all moved along but still can experience great performers like Jackson Browne. Of course the Red Rocks Amphitheater helped make the show. Two encores and a three-hour show far exceeded my expectations, which were very high. Would travel to see his next show if we're lucky enough to have that opportunity.

5.0 star rating Rick Reeder from Columbus, Ohio


Still on a high after having seen Jackson Browne and friends for 11th time. Palace Theater in Columbus is ideal for performance of this magnitude. Expectations are always very high for JB and, as per usual, they were met and exceeded. Set list was drawn from entire career and included several gems not appearing on most 2023 lists, including "These Days", "Lawless Avenues", and " I Am A Patriot". Supporting cast was impeccable and Craig Doerge was fantastic on slide . guitar. Have seen Jackson at semi-regular intervals over almost 50 years and can honestly say he, his voice and overall performance hasn't lost a step in any phase. If you are at all on the fence about making the effort to attend, pull the trigger. You'll be glad you did .

5.0 star rating C. Ellis from Dayton, Ohio


This is my fifth time seeing Jackson Browne (JB) over the last 44 years and it was another fantastic show. The Palace Theatre was a great venue and JB's voice, and band filled the venue with great music. I've been to an acoustic show where the audience shouted requests and JB did the song. Unfortunately, now a vocal group of folks feel that every concert should be shouted requests instead of a planned and rehearsed setlist. The setlist was a great blend of classics (For a Dancer, Dr My Eyes, Running on Empty, Your Bright Baby Blues) some surprises (Love Needs a Heart, Something Fine, Farther On) and some great newer stuff also (Barricades of Heaven, Until Justice is Real). He played for almost three hours and my only regret is that he couldn't play for three more!

5.0 star rating Bill Hunt from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


First saw Jackson at Red Rocks in the 70’s. I have seen him in concert about 8 times or so since then. I have always looked forward to listening to him on a regular basis. I have never left one of his concerts disappointed. That said, I feel like I have grown up with him, learned and shared in the experiences of the times. I have friends who really have no similar feelings as these. I think that if he speaks to you through his lyrics, you will enjoy his live concerts as well. Have I wished the venue would have been better or wished he played a few songs that I would have loved to hear that night, sure! That’s not on him. I would love to thank him personally for his contributions to music and the positive influence he has been to me for many years.

5.0 star rating Tom from Omaha, Nebraska


Great concert and the 5th time I'm attended a JB concert sine 1980. Nice balance of new and old songs giving an artist to continue his/her creative path. Folks who want oldies only diminish opportunity of gifted artists to continue to be creative!

5.0 star rating Andrea from Clermont, Florida


My first time going to the OrlandoDr Phillips Center- he was in the beautiful Disney theatre in it and the entire concert was great! His writing & musicianship was always incredible & his voice seems to have only become stronger, perhaps from the deepening of voices that generallly happens with age. He truly made easing into this new decade easy as I watch and with him move through the years that then become decades. One of his songs kept me alive during the hardest times & still depend on his music for moments matching any and all moods and spirits.... Thank you Jackson ~

5.0 star rating S Nogg from Las Vegas, Nevada


Came to Vegas to see Jackson Browne and was not disappointed at all. His voice is still wonderful (how does he sing better in the higher range?) And his backup singers are A-mazing, as is his oh-so-talented band. His first songs were basically political and given the state of the world, he seemed burdened. (How could one not?) But the more he sang and with the love his fans displayed, he seemed to enjoy himself more and shine a bit brighter. By the end, he (and we) were soaring. He broke his set list a bit, and an usher told us he played a half hour longer than previous evenings (Thanks, Venetian). I saw him live when I was 19 and only again now, 50 years later. What perfect bookends. Thanks, Jackson, for being one of the composers to the soundtrack of my life!!!

5.0 star rating from Los Angeles, California


Jackson Browne performed like a young man and has such an amazing demeanor. It was truly an fantastic experience. Only thing I struggled with at times was the sound system on vocals. All in all still gets 5 stars - keep on Rockin Jackson!

4.0 star rating Mark Lancaster from San Francisco, California


Visiting the Bay Area for the first time- I traveled from London, I’d been looking out for who was playing whilst I was in San Francisco. Jackson at the Greek on a Friday jumped out. Arrived in good time on the Bart; found my way thru uni campus. The venue on a beautiful sunny evening didn’t disappoint- tho the seating did. After a beverage or 3 MR Browne walked on with his band, they played an excellent set, I was particularly taken with the drummer who I initially thought was Jim Keltner- that good-. Crowd far more vocal than an English/ European mob. Anyway all in all a great evening , Jackson’s voice clean and strong. Next time he’s in London I’ll be in attendance

4.0 star rating Danny G from Las Vegas, Nevada


All in all very glad I had the opportunity to attend. Around 5 songs I related to that brought me back to our time in the ‘70’s starting with that girl could sing . Curious & slightly disappointed that “on the Blvd” wasn’t played since the lyrics match the location, setting the young ones up & so . Can’t always get want u want . Still grateful I went .

3.0 star rating Amy from Wallingford, CT


Oakdale Theater, Wallingford, CT 6/29/19 - So so so disappointed! I was waiting all night for the big hits but was waiting for nothing. I don't understand why artists think that fans want to listen to music they've never heard before. We come to see old artists to hear their hits not listen to some boring songs that they want to try out on the crowd! I just don't get it! If I knew that he was going to play maybe 4 of his hit songs if that - I would never have gone and spent $60 on a ticket!! So mad!!

3.0 star rating Karen from Boston, Massachusetts


Very disappointed that Stay and The Load Out were not preformed. Lots of others attending were also expressing disappointment as we were all exiting venue.

3.0 star rating Vin Fallacara from Boston, Massachusetts


It was personally fulfilling to hear him play live again. He still sounds terrific with backup vocalists who handle some of the tougher lyrics that his 71 year old vocal chords may no longer be able to reach. His songs from his original album through Running on Empty remain for me, his defining works. Hearing him sing the titles from those albums, remind me of the time he was a songwriting force, beyond many. Many standards of that time, that the crowd would have enjoyed, were unfortunately left off of the playlist, which was disappointing. Curiously, he chose not to play his longstanding, crowd pleasing, encore (the Load Out and Stay), possibly because none of the singers could reach David Lindley’s notes. Also conspicuously missing were “Rock Me On the Water”, “Here Come those Tears Again” and “Late for the Sky”; songs that portray the deep emotions that made him the recognized talent he became. Good seeing and hearing you again Jackson. I would like to have said “Great”.

3.0 star rating Doug Eby from Las Vegas, Nevada


I will start by saying I am a huge JB fan and it kills me to only give him 3 stars. It was a great rock show! But for me I hated the song list. He rocked it up for Vegas and maybe that is the best thing for show business. No Bright Baby Blues, For a Dancer, Jamaica say you will, Song for Adam, Before the Deluge or Something Fine. I understand not having time for them all, but he did not play any of these. I came to Vegas just for the show and was considering going again of Friday, but that will not be the case. He sounded great, so if you are not a old time JB fan and do not know and love these songs, they rock it out and sound awesome!

3.0 star rating Debbie from Coarsegold, CA


While Jackson Brown still is a kind soul, brilliant writer and singer, I was trying to breath in the Theatre! According to staff, the heat 97 degrees, was due to artist request. I have worked in the entertainment business for many years. NEVER had a artist made such a request. Spent a lot of money to only last through the first 45 minutes. Due to the heat or NO A/C I could not get into the show. Beautiful theatre!

3.0 star rating Steve Werner from Tucson, Arizona


First of all the positives- 1. Jackson Browne still has it. First of all his voice is still 100% there, unlike many of his contemporaries. It's as rich and strong as ever, and his songwriting is still there too. He sang more recent songs than old standards, but it didn't matter. It seems like he can't write a bad song. 2. I had a great view. I was in the 6th row of the lower balcony and I didn't feel too far away at all. Now the not so good- 1. The crowd was way too rowdy. I've gone to free concerts where I live in Sierra Vista where the audience showed more respect for the performer and each other. Loud talking while the opening act was singing, yelling and interrupting Mr. Browne, you name it. 2. The volume was way too loud. 3. The sound was fuzzy. I don't know whether it was the acoustics, the mixing, whatever, he sounds clearer and better in my living room on CD. 4. Too much orchestration. He is so good, all he needs is a guitar, a bass, and drums, not all that noise from 7-10 people.

3.0 star rating Billy from New York, New York


This was our 3 time seeing Jackson at the Beacon. He just didn’t read the audience request to sing his old songs that we all came to hear. Too much instrumental also. All the people around us all agree he sang too many new songs and to me it was boring. Could be my last time going to see Jackson Brown. Still a fan but no more concerts. Sorry Jackson but you have to do a better job and listen to your audience.

2.0 star rating B. Waller from Louisville, Kentucky


Very disappointing. The ticket should have had a warning label. “This concert will consist wholly of Mr. Browne’s basement riffs, familiar to only the most intimate followers”. Why do some artists feel like playing the music that made them famous (yes, mass market) is below them? It was more like a funeral dirge for the 1:15 that we stuck it out. Could do without the politics, too.

2.0 star rating Joseph Busa from Boston, Massachusetts


I was very disappointed by the Jackson Browne show on July 2nd. In the first half, he sang a series of low energy songs that kept the crowd seated and applauding politely. The second half had more energetic songs but the song choices did not build momentum. His last encore was not even his song. It was a Tom Petty song. At the end, I was just standing there waiting for him to come back out to sing 'Stay'. He never did. This was a very disappointing show.

2.0 star rating JJ from St. Louis, Missouri


Jackson Browne disappointed as he only played about half dozen songs that I’d ever heard. The hits he’d did too were good just too few. Most of the stuff he played was not very good and St. Louis Music Park is a terrible, terrible place to see a concert, particularly if Hollywood Amphitheater also has a show, which 5hey did on this night. Reo and Styx drew about 15,000 and traffic was absolutely terrible.

2.0 star rating Wayne Ellis from Vancouver B.C. Canada


He talked more than he played any songs. If you weren’t directly in front of stage you couldn’t hear a word he was saying. No screens up to allow people to see any close ups and maybe get a better feel for what he was saying and get into it. He played songs that most people didn’t know and then we left. I guess the winery wants the musicians to play their hits later in their sets so they buy more wine. Won’t be visiting that venue in the near future and was very dissapointed as many people recommended the venue. Maybe I guess I’m getting a bit too old for this shit ! Didn’t see any Value in this concert !

2.0 star rating Torrey Lystra from Seattle, Washington


Very disappointed. I have seen many amazing shows of his from his early shows in San Diego, LA, and others. This was by far his weakest performance. Low key first half with songs most did not know. We sat maybe thirty rows back and only polite applause. No juice provided by band. Maybe three or four of his great tunes second half of show but no build up or effort to excite the crowd. In baseball parlance seemed like he lost his fastball.

2.0 star rating Brett from Columbus, Ohio


I have seen JB many times and this was very disappointing concert I can remember! He had no energy , the song selection was poor! We all spend our hard earned dollars to hear great music to hear his new music and the hits! I hope he was just having a bad night!

1.0 star rating from New Hampshire


spent a lot go time and money to see Jackson Browne, but unfortunately Lucious RUINED it! Jackson had a FANTASTIC bad and Back up singers, but this stupid duo, wearing log sleeved black turtlenecks on a hot 80 degree night, staring ONLY at each other, and never the audience. What the F___? They sang almost as many songs as Jackson! Really? Such waste of time and money! I am so sorry we went. NEVER EVER again.

1.0 star rating Lori Young from Columbus, Ohio


Took my daughter to see Jackson Brown. She was so excited for this concert! Even bought a shirt on the way in! We both go to a lot of concerts but this was THE one for her. All I can say is I felt he was very self indulgent and in no way was he "Reading" his audience. We all knew why we were there. We wanted to hear all the songs we loved from him! TBH, his music was boring and it all sounded like one long song! That was a theatre of very disappointed fans by the end of the night. Jackson, you had a chance to bring a lot of joy to people last night and you chose not to. I hope anyone thinking about buying a ticket reads these reviews and knows what they are getting into. Seriously, she asked if she could take the shirt back on her way out. Do better...

1.0 star rating Jon from Columbus, Ohio


Worst concert I have attended in 30 years. Said he was playing with half a band…. we didn’t get half a refund. He had no feel for the fact that he was putting everyone to sleep…. No connection with the audience at all…….sad!

1.0 star rating James Ewing from Jacksonville, FL


Most people go to hear the music that made singers famous. He doesn't do that - for whatever reason. Second and last concert of his we will ever go to. Unless perhaps your a die hard JB fan you won't like his live concerts - he just does mainly all the boring songs that you never heard of and don't want to hear again. Concert was painful.

1.0 star rating from New York, New York


We were very disappointed in our show :( People were yelling at him from the seats making requests for songs (they were disappointed in him playing new material). He actually stopped and started several times due to these interruptions and changed the song order, which led to confusion on the stage. There didn't seem to be a well thought out curation of his music for the concert. We actually left early.


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